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The cassette tape mechanism is as vital as the tape it contains. That's why at General Magnetics, all C-O cassettes produced meet or exceed industry expectations and receive the ISO9002 assurance.

To ensure top quality playback each and every time the cassette tape is in use, we have meticulously incorporated several features and functions - all to guarantee dramatic reduction in bending and flexing whenever the magnetic tape comes into contact with the tape deck's magnetic heads.

AA Smooth Transparent

AB Smooth Transparent

AD Sandy Opaque

AE BASF Design Transparent

AF Smooth Diamond (Prime) Transparent

AG Matt Transparent

AH Matt & Transparent

AJ Matt & Transparent

AK Big Cross opaque

AL Smooth Diamond (Prime) Transparent

AN Sandy Opaque

AQ Small Cross Opaque

AS Smooth Transparent

AX Matt Transparent

AC Sandy Opaque

AM Smooth Transparent

AP Smooth Transparent

AU Sandy Opaque

AW Matt Opaque with screw

AY Matt Opaque with screw

AZ Sandy Opaque
500 750 375,000