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Replication services:
CD & DVD Replication
Printing & Packagaing
Assembly and Kitting
Warehousing and Logistics

No matter how complex your project, we can make it easy for you. Our complete turnkey packages make buying CDs or DVDs a breeze. Whether you require 100 pieces quickly or 1,000,000 pieces in bulk or in custom packaging, General Magnetics will deliver on time. As we manufacture from start to finish (that is Glass mastering, replication, printing & packaging) in house, you get better quality control & consistency.

CD Formats
CD-Audio, CD-ROM, Video CD, mixed format CD, CD-I, Bizcard CD & Mini CD

Standard CD: 650mb of data or 74 min of music.
Mini CD: 190mb of data or 21 min of music
Bizcard CD: up to 50mb of data or 5min 47s of music

DVD Formats
DVD-Video, DVD Rom, DVD Audio

DVD: 4.7gb

Label Printing
Now with offset printing, you can achieve good picture quality print on CDs. Silkscreen printing is also available.

Printing & Packaging
General Magnetics manufactures its own line of Jewel Boxes. From Superslim 5.2mm to 6-CD boxes, in an assortment of colours. For more information see Jewel Box.

Assembly & Kitting
Special or custom packaging needs like slipcases, box sets and printed materials can be catered. We can also help you with kitting and assembling your product.

Warehousing and logistics
Contact us for more details.